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Free Online Public Schools for Tennessee Students

Free Online Public Schools for Tennessee Students Tennessee offers resident students the opportunity to take online public school courses for free; indeed they can get their entire education via the internet. Below is a list of no-cost virtual schools currently serving elementary and high school students in Tennessee. To qualify for the list, schools must meet the following qualifications: classes must be available completely online, they must offer services to Tennessee residents, and they must be funded by the government. Tennessee Virtual Academy The Tennessee Virtual Academy is for students who are in kindergarten through eighth grade. The tuition-free school offers courses in six core subjects and is specifically geared toward students with minds that might wander when traditional classes are too slow as well as minds that get lost in the shuffle, (and) minds that need a little more time, according to the academys website. Additionally, the school notes that its program features: State-certified teachers, who are available online and by phoneIndividualized curriculum, which covers both the core subject areas and electivesOnline planning and assessment tools, resources, and hands-on materials ranging from textbooks to microscopes, from rocks and dirt to illustrated classic children’s stories.A supportive school community, which organizes fun and informative monthly activities where parents, students, and staff share their successes, difficulties, and helpful hints K12 K12, which as the name implies is for kindergarten through 12-grade students, is in many ways like a brick-and-mortar school, in that it: Does not charge tuitionUses state-certified or -licensed teachersFollows Tennessee state education requirements for standards and assessmentsResults in a high school diploma upon completion But, K12 notes that it differs from traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms in that: Students receive individualized education and personalized one-to-one support.Classes do not take place in a building but rather at home, on the road, or wherever an internet connection can be found.Parents and students communicate with their teacher via online classrooms, email, and phone, (but also sometimes in person). K12 is a full-time program that follows the traditional school-year calendar. You can expect that your child will spend 5 to 6 hours per day on coursework and homework, the virtual program says on its website. But students are not always in front of a computer- they also work on offline activities, worksheets, and projects as part of the school day. Tennessee Online Public School (TOPS) Founded in 2012, Tennessee Online Public School is part of the Bristol, Tennessee City Schools system and is a statewide public virtual school serving Tennessee students in grades nine to 12. TOPS notes that it is accredited by AdvancED and uses Google Apps for Education to provide students with cloud-based services and email as well as Canvas, an open-access learning website that offers courses in a variety of areas. Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school, TOPS notes, but adds: Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Other Options The Tennessee Department of Education promotes online schooling and notes that parents can enroll their children in online virtual schools that are not based in Tennessee. However, parents need to ensure that the school has a legitimate accreditation status and provide evidence to the local school district that their child is enrolled in an accredited online school. The school must be accredited by one of the following regional accrediting agencies: AdvancEDSACS CASI – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School ImprovementNCA CASI – North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.NWAC – Northwest Accreditation CommissionMiddle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA)MSCES – Middle States Commission on Elementary SchoolsMSCSS – Middle States Commission on Secondary SchoolsNew England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and affiliates (e.g., SAIS)National Council of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) Note that many online schools do charge hefty fees, but there are just as many virtual schools that are free to public school students. If you find a virtual out-of-state school that sparks your interest, be sure to check for potential costs by typing tuition and fees in the school websites search bar. Then, fire up your PC or Mac and start learning online- for free.

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Take Care with Album

Take Care with Album Take Care with Album Take Care with Album By Maeve Maddox A reader deplores the mispronunciation and misspelling of the word album as ablum: †¦ often misused by DJs and music commentators which is really sad! The word album comes from Latin albus, white. In ancient Rome, an album was a blank tablet into which edicts and other public matters were inscribed. In the 17th century, German scholars kept autograph books to which they gave the Latin term album amicorum. Later the term was applied to scrapbooks that contained souvenirs. In his 1755 dictionary Samuel Johnson defined album as a book in which foreigners have long been accustomed to insert autographs of celebrated people. Photograph albums date from the 1850s. Record albums (33 1/3 rpm) came along in 1957. NOTE: See Jim Clintons account of earlier record albums in his comment below. A Google search for the misspelling ablum yielded 773,000 hits. Not all of the hits were unintentional. For example, Ablum is a Polish surname. Ablum is also the deliberately misspelled title of a music album for children recorded by a group called Duplex. Most are probably unintended: How to make your dynamic photo slideshow and online photo ablum and photo gallery Kindly browse our e-ablums Photo Ablum Binders for Sale Sometimes ablum is followed by the correct spelling, suggesting that the first one was a simple typo. In this example, however, the misspelling occurs twice: †¦[I] never did like the ablum art idea†¦ [I] have gone through all of my songs and found the ablum info Whether misspellings of album result from careless typing, supposed wit, or ignorance, the result is the same: an unnecessary misspelling. Careful writers will want to take a good look at the word before hitting the send or publish button. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Spelling category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:35 Synonyms for â€Å"Look†30 Baseball IdiomsGrammatical Case in English

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Tax cases and internal research memo Assignment

Tax cases and internal research memo - Assignment Example In this particular case, Artnell Company has faced obligation from the court of the United States regarding its transferee and tax payment. In this regard, it has been recognized that the issues has upraised from the deferral operations of its assets and liabilities. As an effect, it has been observed that the company has not been able to recognize its actual income due to irregularity. As a consequence, the company was not able to submit its due amount of tax. Correspondingly, the court of the United States has appealed for the penalty including the due tax amount of the Artnell Company. CASE 2 In this case the United States court has filed a charge against the Federal partnership tax returns of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Ltd. In this regard, the partnership firm has not recorded its income items on the basis of deferral method, which has affected the taxation of the company. Under section 451, a lawsuit against the company was filed for not maintaining the yearly income receipt adequately. On the other hand, under section 446(c), taxpayers are liable to pay the computed taxable income. In this regard, the United States court has recognized that $125,000 sponsor fee was unpaid. In this case, petitioner has kept all the record related to the income tax return on the accrual basis. The U.S. Supreme Court has identified the problem regarding the income of the firm. In this regard, the Supreme Court of the U.S. has sought for the cash receipts of includible amount. Moreover, during the inspection the Commissioner of the U.S. Supreme Court had asked for the receipts regarding installments including the due amounts as well as total payable amounts. During that phase the company has unable to show the gross income for the year. At the same time, due to deferral of prepaid income, company was not able to reflect its deferral income. Thus, under the section 41

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Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 45

Personal Statement Example As an experienced class lecturer, I know that my students have a tendency to go a few steps ahead of me in terms of their computer know-how since they are allowed the freedom to experiment with the technology and see where it goes. In order for me to ensure that I will always have the upper hand during class lectures, and also be in a better position for tenureship at the university, I need to beef up my educational resume and gain knowledge and information that my students have yet to come across or conceptualize in their minds. It is my duty and responsibility to ensure that I present the most current knowledge and trends in computing and informatics to them in a manner that they can easily absorb. I will admit that I also have a personal reason for wishing to complete a Phd, that of becoming a published professor in the future who will leave a definite impact upon the research being done in this particular field. Currently, I am on track in pursuit of my goal of becoming an Assistant Professor at SEU. However, I cannot fully achieve that goal without a PhD degree. I hope to be able to fast track my career plans after completing this degree and assisting or developing research that will help to shape the future of computing and informatics particularly in terms of its ability to help shape the future of my country. As a recipeient of a Saudi government scholarship grant, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to pursue my research plans in the field of Human Computer Interaction. This is a field of computer study that has a tremendous amount of professional growth potential in my country in terms of career advancement. I plan to get in on the ground floor and ride the trend all the way to the top. Becoming one of the most notable experts in this field in my country. It is because of my desire to actively pursue this research that I have chosen to apply for

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Significant People During the Industrial Revolution Essay -- History E

Significant People During the Industrial Revolution As the Industrial Revolution was occurring, numerous changes were occurring. Workers were not receiving fair treatment. They were working long hours and getting paid very little money. The working class felt that they were not receiving equal treatment and equal pay for what they were offering to society. Yet some individuals, such as the owners of companies, were profiting from this movement. But the inequalities that existed caused Marx, along with Engels, to write the Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx was a man who â€Å"urged workers to vindicate the simple laws of morals and justice, which ought to govern the relations of private individuals, as the rules paramount of the intercourse of nations†.[i] After Marx wrote the document, other people were moved by this call for a change with revolution and decided to act upon their feelings that supported the document’s concepts. Rosa Luxemburg was a Marxist who responded to the concept of revolution. She was in prison at the time when she wrote a pamphlet on the Russian Revolution. She believed that the revolution needed to defend itself in order to survive. Luxemburg stresses her argument and acts responsibly toward the evils of society: â€Å"Her fundamental belief was twofold: that ‘the only effective means in the hands of the proletarian revolution’ were ‘the kindling of revolutionary idealism, which can be maintained over any length of time only through the intensively active life of the masses themselves under conditions of unlimited political freedom’; and that under such conditions-above all ‘general elections†¦unrestricted freedom of press and assembly †¦a free struggle of opinion’-the ‘active participation of the ma... ...kes, Steven, Marxism and Morality, 106. [v] â€Å"Vladimir Lenin-April 25 1891†, Lenin Archives, < http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/photo/1921/011.htm> [vi] DeGeorge, Richard T. Soviet Ethics and Morality. (Ann Arbor Paperbacks:The University of Michigan Press, 1969), 21. [vii] DeGeorge, Richard T, Soviet Ethics and Morality, 24. [viii] Lukes, Steven, Marxism and Morality, 23. [ix] â€Å"Joseph Stalin Reference Archive†, Biography, [x] DeGeorge, Richard T, Soviet Ethics and Morality, 5. [xi] â€Å"Age of Industry†, The Development of Western Civilization, < http://history.evansville.net/industry.html> [xii] Felix Silverio. The Luddites, 28 September 1999,

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How Women are portrayed in Death of a Salesman Essay

Linda Lowman is a woman who seemed to be taken for granted in the Lowman household but that did not mean she was powerless. â€Å"The Great Depression reinforced female domesticity†, which was clearly shown in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller through Linda (Koenig 1). In the time period that this play took place women did not know any other life than to stay at home and tend to their families. This being the case, Linda took care of the home but was not at all powerless because she dealt with all of Willy’s problems and held the family together. Miller portrays Linda as a woman who is submissive to her husband, which exemplifies that he is an anti feminist. The ‘other woman’ in the play is also negatively portrayed as a stereotypical bimbo. Throughout the play, Miller depicts Linda as powerless and highly dependent on Willy but by digging deeper into her actions, one can see is the backbone to the family. â€Å"†¦bore the cross of reality for them all, supporting her husband, keeping up her calm, enthusiastic smile†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Bigsby viii). Linda is portrayed by Miller as a very weak individual mainly by how Willy speaks to her. In one particular example Willy loses his temper at Linda and says, â€Å"Shut up!†¦shut up!†¦there’s nothing wrong with him!’, which leaves Linda in tears (Miller 27). The abuse that Willy exerts on Linda is not to be taken as a representation of how he actually views women. But rather, Miller makes statements which show how highly he thinks of Linda such as: â€Å"Linda is tough. She is a fighter. Willy is prone to bully her, cut off her sentences†¦this is a woman who has sustained the family when Willy has allowed fantasy to replace truth, who has lived with the knowledge of his suicidal intent, who sees through her sons’ bluster and demands their support† (Bigsby xix). The description that Miller just gave of Linda exemplifies her as a very independent, strong, loving woman who will do  anything to keep her family together. Although Miller depicts Linda as a strong woman in the play; the movie, shows otherwise. During the movie it seems that Willy is not only emotionally, but physically abusive to Linda. This may be the reason that Linda is so loyal to Willy; out of fear instead of love (Schlondorf). By Linda staying with Willy even throughout physical abuse is showing that Miller feels as though women aren’t independent or strong enough to leave their husbands and the men receive a sense of empowerment through dominion over women, â€Å"The woman makes him feel he is an important salesman and powerful man† (Ribkoff 123). This negative connotation towards women shows that Miller is an anti feminist. Aside from Linda Lowman, another woman in the play is depicted in a negative, stereotypical way. Towards the end of the play we discover that Willy has been cheating on Linda with the ‘other woman’. Stereotypically, the ‘other woman’ is considered a whore and usually dumb or ditzy. The woman laughing gaily constantly represents the idea that she is considered to be dumb, for example: [The WOMAN enters, laughing†¦] Willy: â€Å"Will you stop laughing? Will you?† (Miller 91). The movie shows this woman as a young, blonde, attractive woman who seems very ditzy and carefree. This portrayal of the woman is very stereotypical of ‘bimbos’ and women who would sleep with a married man. Miller is creating a picture of this woman through the play and movie, which is quite negative towards women. The way he views women is clear; stupid, dependent, and promiscuous, although at times he seems to depict the women in the play as strong individuals. It is surprising that Willy engages in this verbal abuse towards Linda in the company of others. On many occasions Biff and Happy have been present to hear Willy put down and yell at their mother. After repeatedly being told to stop by Biff it seems Willy will eventually give in and the attacks will subside. Out of the two brothers Biff is the only one who says anything to Willy and stands up for his mother. When Wily finds out that Biff is going to try and start a business he is overjoyed until Linda chimes in as well and tries to put in her two sense. â€Å"Don’t yell at her, Pop, will ya?†¦I don’t like you yelling at her all the time, and I’m tellin’ you, that’s all. Stop yelling at her!† is an example of how Biff stands up for Linda and is  bothered by how she is treated. Biff can differentiate between what his father thinks is the right thing to do, and what is actually the right thing to do. He knows he isn’t perfect, but he admits to his mistakes and learns form then, unlike his father, Willy, â€Å"But unlike his father, he faces, and learns from his shame† (Ribkoff 124). When Miller adds parts where men stand up for women it in unclear how he feels about feminism. From this example of Biff standing up for Linda it seems he is pro feminist but on the other hand, the way he describes the women in the play makes one think otherwise. Happy on the other hand does not say anything throughout this argument or others like it. Even though Willy yells at Linda quite often she does not defend herself. Maybe the reason she is not fighting back when being verbally abused is not because she is a doormat but because she is so exhausted from caring for everything else. This is an example of how Linda can be seen as powerless. In the introduction Rhoda Koenig describes Linda Lowman as â€Å"a dumb and useful doormat† and does not stand up for herself (Bigsby xix). Linda has a lot on her plate between her husband losing touch with reality, her son’s not having solid jobs and the lack of money in their household. She deals with all these tough situations very well and does not even put up a fight when she is yelled at by her husband. Linda manages to stay collected for the most part even though she holds very heavy burdens. She decides to release one of her burdens on Biff when she tells him about his father: â€Å"He’s been trying to kill himself†¦the insurance inspector came†¦all those [car] accidents in the last year weren’t accidents†¦I went down to the cellar. And behind the fuse box- it just happened to fall out- was a length of rubber pipe- just short. And sure enough, on the bottom of the water heater there’s a new little nipple on the gas pipe† (Miller 43). Knowing your husband has plans or had plans to kill himself can obviously take a large toll on someone but Linda keeps it together. She has so much love for Willy that she puts up with everything that is going on. She tells him he can be the best and tells him she believes in him, whether she  believes it or not. Aside from her husband, Linda has to deal with Biff not having a job and Willy and Biff arguing all the time. Biff does not want to become a salesman because he would rather be outdoors and this causes a lot of conflict between him and his father. Although he was not getting as many perks as he would being a salesman he was still doing what he loved. â€Å"To suffer fifty weeks of the year for the sake of a two-week vacation, when all you really desire is to be outdoors, with your shirt off† (Miller 11). Willy cannot understand why Biff would not want to be a salesman and resents the fact that he has not been very successful. Laundry, mending stockings, worrying about bills, and groceries are a few of the things Linda Lowman does on a daily basis. These tasks are assumed to be the role of a housewife, which is another example of how Miller sees women. It is clear that in the Lowman household, Linda is responsible for all the household responsibilities, which at that time became quite common: â€Å"As men’s share in domestic activity began to disappear, housework truly became ‘women’s work'† (Leonard 307). Willy Lowman does go out and work throughout the day, but barely, while Linda is taking care of many responsibilities. It is clear that Miller feels the woman should be staying at home and taking care of the entire house as well as tending to her husband’s needs. Linda is always trying to please Willy by saying things like; â€Å"I’ll make you a sandwich†¦the cheese is on the middle shelf!† and making sure he is completely satisfied. During the play, Linda always seems to be mending stockings, which is also stereotypical behavior of a housewife. Willy gets very angry when he sees her mending stockings because he feels so guilty about the ‘other woman’. When him and the woman have their encounters he always seems to give her a pair of stockings, â€Å"†¦and thanks for the stockings†, which has occurred twice in the play (Miller 26). Willy goes off to work and Linda takes care of the house, worries about the money and makes sure she is completely devoted to Willy when he gets home. Miller seems to have a traditional view when dealing with the roles of women and men in the family. It seems like Miller is a closet pro feminist from time to time throughout the play. Although most of his portrayals of women are negative and very  stereotypical, there are certain instances where he leans in the opposite direction. For example, when Biff stood up for Linda as Willy was yelling at her; that showed that Miller felt Linda should have been stood up for. The negative connotations towards women in this book do not equate to the pro feminism examples throughout the book. It is tough to evaluate how Miller really feels about women and their place in the household, workplace and their general personalities. Works Cited Bigsby, Christopher. â€Å"Introduction†. New York: Penguin Group, 1998 Koenig, Rhoda. â€Å"Seduced by Salesman’s Patter†. The Sunday Times. London, October 26, 1996, 10.4. Leonard, Eileen B. â€Å"Household Labor and Technology in a Consumer Culture†. Composing Gender. Boston: Bedford, 2009. Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. New York: Penguin Group, 1976 Schlondorf, Volker, dir. Dofas. Perf. Dustin Hoffman, Kate Reid, John Malkovich. VHS. Lorimar Home Video, 1986.

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Gender Roles, Marriage and a Sense of Responsibility Free Essay Example, 1500 words

Apparently, Mrs. Mallard was not able to deal with her conditions in marriage effectively (Chopin, 2011). Largely, she was not able to control emotional dullness that she feels in her life. Indeed, she longed for freedom or change which she got briefly when she digested the meaning of the information that her husband was dead. It is apparent that Mr. Mallard had imposed rules or values in their marriage life that had influenced the views and health of her wife. It is arguable that matters touching on relationship influence the general life of an individual. Psychologically, exposures to factors that influence stress levels in the human brain to reduce the activity of neurons, which are responsible for other body functions (Kalat, 2010). The brain coordinates body activities through neurons, which may die during a high level of stress. In the story Secret Life of Walter Mitty , Mitty, the main player in the story has to face a hard time in his marriage. His marriage does not offer a nything pleasurable. He feels that his wife has dominated the marriage. He looks for a means, which could help him escape problems associated with his married life. We will write a custom essay sample on Gender Roles, Marriage and a Sense of Responsibility or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page However, daydreams are the genesis of great inventions that the society boosts of today. In the story, Mitty s fantastic life takes him away from real life. His wife observed abnormality in his actions or perceptions towards life.